There is a paramount demand for digital marketing skills and the digital skills gap is set to widen. Nowadays, the job market is booming and brands are putting more focus on digital marketing skills than ever before. Higher budgets, increased payments, high positions, and more career choices are just some of the benefits that digital marketing professionals can look forward to in 2020 and beyond.

The Institute of Management Professionals in Egypt IMP offers you an Online Digital Marketing Training Course that will transform you into a complete digital marketer with expertise in the top digital marketing domains.
Our Digital Marketing Diploma will help you to thrive in the digital marketing world, and help your skills to evolve continuously. Here are some important reasons why you should start learning digital marketing in this decade and beyond.

Top Reasons Why Should You Start to Learn Digital Marketing in Egypt?

1. Benefit from More Career Choices; You Could Even Hunt More Freelancing Opportunities:

As digitization continues across almost all industries, companies in Egypt and across the world from start-ups to established corporates are seeking digital marketing professionals with relevant experience.
With such a wide array of new job opportunities available, digital professionals can afford to be picky about the type of company or industry they’d like to work for.

You could even start your career as a freelancer. Many have done this in the digital marketing industry of Egypt. You too can do this. You could start your YouTube channel, launch your own blog, or help someone to build one.
There are countless freelance bloggers, vloggers, marketers, and consultants in Egypt and they are making quite pretty money. There are also a lot of freelance/part-time projects and jobs available in the digital marketing field not just from startups but also from mid-sized and large corporations in Egypt and all over the world.

2. Get High Paying Job Opportunities:

The environment in Egypt is so conducive and there is a substantial increase in demand for marketing professionals. There is also a huge competition for skilled and talented individuals regardless of industry and this is the most interesting and beneficial factor about the job market for digital professionals. This means that individuals with the right skills can negotiate for high salaries and bonuses, and can get land great benefits.

As you enter the field by joining our all-in-one digital marketing training course in Egypt, you will notice a fast increment in knowledge, skills, and experience within a few weeks of practical training. As a fresh trainee, you can get a digital marketing-related job in Egypt in no time. Add to this, there are countless profitable job opportunities in Egypt related to this field.

The below image shows the average marketing specialists’ salaries in Egypt in 2020.

Marketing salaries distribution 2020 in egypt

3. You Could Start Your Own Business Anytime:

You will rarely find this advantage in any other career avenue. With skills in digital marketing, you can start your own business online anytime. All you need is a product or service to sell, and skills to sell and this is what you’ll get through the IMP online digital marketing courses. You could also start blogging or affiliate marketing.

Many have done that. And you can too. We already have renowned names in the digital marketing industry who made millions. For Example, ‘Neil Patel’ started out as a blogger and now, he is one of the most well-known digital marketing experts in the world.

4. Get the Opportunity to Teach and Train:

There is a high demand for digital marketing trainers in Egypt not just in private institutes, but also in government universities and colleges. There are also many companies in Egypt are looking for corporate digital marketing trainers.

You can make an average of EGP 196.53 per hour as a beginner corporate trainer in Egypt. As you gain experience, per hour pay increase up to EGP 400+. You can easily grab these training opportunities; provided you have the relative knowledge, skills, and proven experience.

Why Do You Need to Register for Our Online Digital Marketing Diploma in Egypt?

  • The Best Industry Trainers in Egypt:
    Get the chance to learn directly from the best digital marketing experts with experience of up to 12+ years.
  • Practical Sessions:
    55+ hours of interactive learning to ensure hands-on digital marketing preparation.
  • Updated Class Recordings:
    Catch up your classes via recorded class sessions that you can always access and attend any missed live session.
  • Attend Sessions from Your Comfort Zone:
    You can attend our live training course sessions from anywhere in the world, with a good internet connection.
  • Lifetime Consultation:
    We guarantee that our partnerships will continue in the long run. We will be there any time you need any advice or consultation related to your business.

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