Data Analysis Using Excel and Power BI

Course overview:

This course is the ideal practice to Enhance your Data Analysis Skills and jumpstart for the Data Science Track.

This course is a combination of The Concept Of Data visualization and Technical Skills to build a career future in one of the most important fields worldwide; where most of the global and innovative companies are utilizing data analysis to help make data-driven decisions using Business Intelligent Solutions.

Learn how to analyze data faster, extract business insights smarter, and present your business better. All while making it look so easy


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Course Description

Why study Data analysis?

  • Increase the Awareness of data analysis techniques using Excel & Business Intelligent Solution [Power BI].
  • Perform Data Transformation to explain how findings from data can and should be visualized, to enable stakeholders to make sound business decisions.
  • Develop data modeling and DAX to manipulate relevant data and deeply analyze it by applying appropriate techniques and answering the appropriate questions.
  • Advanced data Visualization techniques in Excel & Power BI to enhance stakeholder Involvement in Decision Making.
  • Build confidence in influencing business decisions through Data-Driven decisions.

IMP has been one of the most important organizations specializing in data analysis training for several years, as it has trained many companies, banks, and institutions in the field of data analysis in several Arab countries

What will you learn in the data analysis diploma?

  1. Understand The Concept Of Data Analysis & Visualization.
  2. Understand the Data Analysis Process.
  3. Data Analyst Competencies and Roadmap.
  4. Connect, Transform, and Load Data Using Power Query.
  5. Enhance Data Modeling.
  6. Build Data Analysis Expression[DAX] in Excel.
  7. Mastering Data Visualizing in Excel & Creating Dynamics Dashboard.
  8. Understand The Concept Of Business Intelligent Solutions.
  9. Connect, Transform, and Load Data Using Power BI.
  10. Working With DAX and Advanced DAX Measures.
  11. Mastering Data Visualizing & Data-Driven decisions Using Power BI.
  12. Act as a data-driven visual storyteller for optimal presentation.
  13. Apply data visualization best practices, including choosing the right chart type for the situation.