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3 Popular Digital Skills in Demand for 2021 in Saudi Arabia

Are you looking to shift your career and hunt one of the best lucrative jobs in Saudi Arabia? You can definitely reach your dream job by constantly update yourself and be aware of the digital skills that employers are currently looking for. In this article, we will focus on the top digital skills that are […]

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The 3 Myths of Digital Marketing!

Digital marketing is a very hot topic having an ever growing interest across the globe. However, with this growing interest and importance, the digital marketing practices are still captivated within three main myths: Myth NO #1: Digital Marketing is the Marketing! This is the most common story out there. People are – most of times […]

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How to Implement Data Science in Your 2020 Marketing Plan

The main advantage that big data provides is an enhanced knowledge of customers. While in the past marketers were making decisions based on intuition and experience, nowadays their guesses could be confirmed by using data science. As the path to an effective marketing plan becomes increasingly technical in nature, the responsibilities of chief marketing officers […]

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