Python & Statistics For Data Science & Artificial Intelligence


  • This Course is the ideal scientific and practical choice for your excellence in using Python & Statistics For Data
    Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • This diploma is a combination of technical skills from both business sciences and skills from both business sciences and technology to build a career future in one of the most important fields worldwide; where the most of global and innovative companies are utilizing data science to help making data driven decisions after developing statistical models and algorithms

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    Course Description


    •  Career Opportunities: Data science & AI is one of the fastest-growing fields, and there is a high demand for skilled AI professionals. Pursuing a career in AI can lead to a lucrative and fulfilling profession.
    •  Innovation: Data science & AI is driving innovation in many industries, including healthcare, finance, and transportation. By studying AI, you can learn how to develop new technologies that can revolutionize these industries.
    •  Better Decision Making: Data science & AI can help organizations make better decisions by analyzing large amounts of data and providing insights that humans may not be able to detect. Studying AI can help you understand how to apply these techniques to make better decisions.
    •  Understanding the Future: AI is expected to have a significant impact on society in the coming years. By studying AI, you can gain a better understanding of how this technology will shape the future and be better prepared for the changes it may bring.
    •  Overall, studying AI is important because it can lead to exciting career opportunities, help solve complex problems, drive innovation, improve decision making, and provide insights.


    • Professionals: who want to expand their knowledge and apply AI techniques to their work. For example, professionals in the fields of healthcare, finance, marketing, and manufacturing can use AI to improve their operations and make better decisions.
    • Entrepreneurs: who want to develop new AI-based technologies and products. The courses provide a strong understanding of AI
      concepts and techniques, which can help entrepreneurs create innovative solutions that leverage AI technologies.
    • Researchers: who are interested in exploring the potential of AI. The courses provide a strong foundation in AI concepts and techniques, which can help researchers develop new AI-based applications and technologies.
    • Overall, this is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about Data science & AI and develop technical skills in the field. Whether you are a student, professional, entrepreneur, or researcher, attending an AI course can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the industry.

    Diploma Objectives

    Module 1 

      1. Intro to Data Career and Road Map
      2. Learn about the Competencies for Data Sciences
      3. Differentiate your Skill as Data Scientist

    Module 2 

      1. Understanding Databases Concepts & Relational Database Management
      2. Creating Database Objects
      3. Working with T-SQL Querying

    Module 3 

      1. Learn the important topics in statistics for Data Science & Data Analysis
      2. Understanding The Concept Of 
        • Mode, Median and Mean
        • Variance and Standard deviation
        • Probability
        • Descriptive statistics
        • Linear Algebra

    Module 4 

      1. Learn Python basics for Data Analysis
      2. Working with Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook
      3. Working with Panda – Data Analysis Library
      4. Working With NumPy – Data Analysis Library
      5. Visualization your Data Using Python
      6. Using Python for web Scraping

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    Terms and Conditions
    Certification of Completion

    To have successfully completed; a trainee should:
    • have an attendance rate of not less than 80% (or such higher attendance requirement as prescribed for the course);
    • Pass the course practical assessments and projects in at least 75% of the total number of assignments as required in each training course.

    Course Schedule

    2024-05-25 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Saturday