Mastering Snapchat Advertising Course

Advertising on the Snapchat platform is one of the best ways to display advertising content or your own products among young people and also in the Gulf countries in general because it is not widely spread in the Gulf region.

Therefore, we offer you the most comprehensive training course for professional advertising on Snapchat, which covers all the methods and techniques used to advertise on the platform with practical exercises that help you apply and become professional in advertising on the platform.



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Course Description

Course Privileges 

  • The course consists of 13 online recorded videos that add up to 3 hours and a half total.
  • The course is in Arabic only.
  • Once you buy the course, you’ll have access to it forever through our website.
  • The course is suitable for beginners who wish to reach a professional level.
  • Practical explanation and application is available on Snapchat’s platform.
  • More details about the course’s content is available below or you can view the curriculum section. Click on (Enroll) and register your info to buy the course in a few minutes.

What Is Snapchat Advertising On-demand Self-Training?

This course is the first recorded course for Snapchat Ads ever at IMP, which comes in Arabic only. IMP professional trainers do all their best to explain every little detail for you to become the next professional in Snapchat ads. Join us now.

Besides the Full Specialization, this Course Include the following:

On-Demand Self Training:

  • Self-Paced Learning Option.
  • Full Lifetime Access.

What You’ll Need to Apply for this Snapchat Advertising Course?

No prior knowledge of Snapchat marketing or Snapchat Ads is needed. This training course is perfect for all abilities. It’s easy to be learned and understood.

In short, nothing is needed from your side, just sign up, grab your coffee, lock the door, and settle in… It’s time to master Snapchat ads techniques.

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