Business Data Analysis Training Course Using Excel and Power BI

The main purpose of this program is to give audiences the ability to analyze their business data using BI techniques. The program goes beyond the capabilities of tables and charts, and uses Pivot arts, the Excel Data Model, and Power BI.


Graphic Design Diploma (Learn the Power of Graphic Design)

Diploma studying will be divided between learning the essential design skills and practicing the technical ‘how to’ skills.
In doing so, technical instruction & practical assignments will be implemented via various hands-on activities that are drawn from real-life projects. Trainees will be required to undertake the full cycle starting from understanding customer’s needs. analysis of those needs an till the transfer of such information to ideas and implementing the design to deliver it to the client correctly.


Data Science Diploma: Machine Learning with Python

This advanced level hands-on training course will help you mastering the data management processes including collecting, processing, analyzing
and visualizing any size of data to get the conclusions supporting you to make the right decisions for your business.


The Complete Digital Marketing Live Course (Practical Training)

This course will help you to develop your business awareness, increase your revenues, develop your skills by learning the latest tools and techniques in the digital marketing to get the best use of these tools to increase your business sales and revenues.



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How to Implement Data Science in Your 2020 Marketing Plan

The main advantage that big data provides is an enhanced knowledge of customers. While in the past marketers were making decisions based on intuition and experience, nowadays their guesses could be confirmed by using data science. As the path to an effective marketing plan becomes increasingly technical in nature, the responsibilities of chief marketing officers […]




6 Must-Have Skills You Need to Be a Data Scientist

Nowadays, with the vast amounts of data available in the world, companies across all industries are focusing on exploiting data for their competitive advantage. Hence, they realized that they need to hire more data scientists or provide their employees with data science skills. A data scientist is an expert who is capable of extracting meaningful […]

Institute of Management Professionals (IMP)

IMP (Institute of Management Professionals) was established in 2014 to be an independent professional institute partnering with consultation companies in various fields dedicated to bringing all related management and business training.