Learn from Facebook Marketing Success Stories in 2019 (1 of 3): Objectives

An extensive analysis of Success Stories published by Facebook; had been conducted to deliver straight forward lessons that every marketer should learn regarding the success recipe for the successful Facebook marketing campaigns.

If you are going to use Facebook in your marketing campaigns for 2020; then three main lessons should guide your plans:

  • Objectives that were most persuaded in Facebook successful campaigns;
  • Tools and solutions that were most adopted in Facebook successful campaigns;
  • KPIs used to measure the success of these campaigns.

دورات تدريبية كورسات اونلاين

Today’s article will be tackling the first point (next two articles will be tackling the other two points).

Objective of Facebook Successful Campaigns:

It’s very important to understand what are the objectives that were planned for a successful Facebook marketing campaign. It’s a general rule in life: you have to have a well defined objective to attain the desirable results. This rule becomes of special importance also when you are planning for your marketing campaigns. In fact, choosing the right objectives can make or break your Facebook marketing efforts!

Upon the analysis of a set of 40 successful Facebook campaigns, the following objectives were spelled out the most:

  • Increasing Brand Awareness (43%)
  • Driving Sales (38%)
  • Improving Customer Experience (13%)
  • Posting Engagement (10%)
  • Accelerating App Installs (5%)
  • Acquiring New Users / Subscriptions (4%)
  • Testing FB Ads (3%)

It was obvious throughout the analyzed stories that Facebook marketing is firstly used for brand awareness (43% of cases) and then for driving sales (38% of cases). With far distance, in the third rank comes Improving Customer Experience as spelled out in only (13%) of cases.

In this article we learnt about the 1st aspect of a successful Facebook marketing campaign: Objectives.

Stay tuned for the next two articles, to learn about the other two aspects:

2- Tools and solutions used for marketing through Facebook.

3- KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) used to measure the results.

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