Learn eCommerce Online in Egypt and Start to Earn Money Every Day

“The more you learn, the more you earn” is a famous and very apt quote attributed to Warren Buffett, the American businessman and the fourth wealthiest person in the whole world.
Since our leading software partner in Egypt and GCC, CodeShip, has helped hundreds of brands increase revenue online, we’ve learned in IMP many techniques along the way about teaching our trainees how they can earn money using eCommerce. We’re going to share these insights so you can earn pretty money, just as Buffett advised.

In the Institute of Management Professionals IMP, we’re proud to provide you the best eCommerce online course you can ever have enabling you to create and manage your accounts and online stores at the well-known eCommerce platforms.

Why Is It the Best Time to Learn eCommerce Online in Egypt?

There’s no time better than now to get started with your own online store. Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, Egypt has recorded a significant rise in eCommerce transactions, especially over the past few months. Egyptian consumers are now adapting to the new normal so experts projected that eCommerce penetration is set to grow in Egypt.
Ahmed Nagy, the managing director of eMarketing Egypt, the leading digital consulting agency in Egypt and the Middle East, said “We’re witnessing a great shift in where consumers are spending, with a dramatic shift towards eCommerce. We can say that eCommerce sales have doubled for Egyptian merchants since March 11; the day the World Health Organization announced that COVID-19 is a global pandemic.”

How Will You Make Money Once You Learn eCommerce Online in Egypt?

The big problem when it comes to starting an eCommerce business is that entrepreneurs think that they’ll launch an online store and then sit back waiting for orders to come in. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. Making money using eCommerce involves more than just creating an eCommerce website and starting to take orders. There are so many factors that should be considered to give your online store the best chance for success. There’s no guarantee that a store will be successful, but our experts in the Institute of Management Professionals IMP provide you with the best eCommerce online course including the best practices that will help to maximize your profits and to eliminate some of the most common unnecessary costs for eCommerce retailers.

So, we can say that the first step to earn is to learn…

Why Should You Join the Best eCommerce Online Course of IMP?

The world of eCommerce may seem very complex, but at its core, eCommerce isn’t that different from the way businesses have always been done.
So, as it was mentioned before, our practical eCommerce training course has been designed in partnering with the CodeShip experts who have helped different kinds of business in Egypt and GCC to make money and reach their goals through the effective use of eCommerce channels.
Our eCommerce online course is the first specialized and integrated training program in which will enable trainees to study eCommerce practically as they will get access to an online store created by our eCommerce development partner.
Trainees will manage this store during the course and apply the digital marketing techniques, payments, and logistics that they’ll learn along the course.
So, we can say that this Online eCommerce training course is the first of its kind in Egypt that enables trainees to get an online store to be used for free during the course period and to use it against suitable monthly fees (for hosting and support) after ending the course.

What you’re waiting for! Book your seat in the Best eCommerce Training Course in Egypt NOW

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