Projects Management Professional (PMP) Certificate: Benefits Beyond the Salary Increase

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. A PMP certified project manager almost gets a salary that is higher with 23% on average across the analyzed 37 countries around the world (According to PMI).

However, this advantage varies across countries, for example, the median salary for a PMP certified project manager in South Africa is 58% higher than the salary of a project manager who is not a PMP certified.

Some examples from other countries for the PMP certificate advantage are: in Egypt about 30%, in the United Arab Emirates about 24% and in Saudi Arabia about 21%.

دورات تدريبية كورسات اونلاين

Source: PMI

What are the benefits of getting a project management professional (PMP) Certificate?

The benefits of projects management professional (PMP) certification goes beyond the salary increase to include dozens of other benefits, the following are just a few examples:

  • Global Recognition: Project management professional (PMP) certificate is the ideal solution to give project management professionals global recognition, exposure and the freedom of working anywhere in the world.
  • Across Industries Demand: Projects management professional (PMP) Certification will boost one’s knowledge and skills in a domain that is in demand across all industries including IT, finance, research, telecom, manufacturing, construction, business processing, commerce, banking, aerospace and defense, utilities, and others.
  • Credibility: Project management certified professionals assures that their resumes give credibility and leave an impression on the employer way before the potential in-person interview.
  • Job Security: Job security is one of the biggest concerns of almost all professionals in the majority of the industries especially during the time of economic crises and recessions.
    But for a PMP holder, it’s a different situation; with 80% of executives around the world believe that a project manager having a PMP certification had the skills and displayed core competencies that made them valuable even during a recession (According to PMI).
  • Value Added: Projects management professional (PMP) is not just a certificate that shows that you are in a good shape, but it’s a certification that makes you really in a good shape and increases your abilities to handle projects with great insights, efficiency, leadership and ultimately help you to deliver more and more successful projects.

Finally, with more than 830,000 PMP project managers accredited globally, becoming a PMP certified is no longer a suggestion – it’s a necessity. Missing a PMP certification is a huge disadvantage in general and especially when it comes to work opportunities, career advancement, and job yields.

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