Recently, the world has been moving rapidly towards digital transformation; relying on big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Businesses have been actively involved in these aspects, especially the aspect of Machine Learning (ML) because of the great benefits it brings. To cope up with this trend, the Institute of Management professionals IMP offers you the best online machine learning training course using Python in Egypt which will raise the level of your data analysis skills and help you to discover the ways you can use machine learning to improve your business processes.Let’s take a look at the key benefits of using machine learning in different business sectors and why you should start to learn machine learning with python in Egypt.

Benefits of Incorporating Machine Learning into Business

Incorporating machine learning into business processes can have a far-reaching impact on the insights a business gets from its available data, helping companies improve quality, productivity, customer service, and much more.

1. Personalizing Recommendations

It’s the most common benefit of using machine learning in business sectors. Amazon and Alibaba were one of the pioneer eCommerce ventures to introduce an ML algorithm that improves and personalizes the product recommendation process by leveraging the power of ML and predictive analytics.The machine learning algorithms use customer’s purchase history and match it with the large inventory of products to identify hidden patterns and gather similar products together. Then, these grouped products are suggested to customers, thereby motivating product purchases and skyrocketing the chances of conversion.

2. Simplifying Marketing and Forecasting Sales

Machine learning helps companies in multiple ways to better promote their products and services and forecast future sales performance. It also has huge benefits for the sales and marketing function, including:
  • Collecting Big Data from Unlimited Sources:
Machine learning algorithms collect and analyze unlimited amounts of comprehensive data. This is useful in using this data to constantly review and modify your sales and marketing strategies, based on customer behavior patterns.
  • Data Processing and Real-time Forecasting:
The identification of related data makes it possible for you to take appropriate actions at the right time. For example, machine learning will design the best subsequent offer for your customers, thus, they will be able to see the right offer at the right time, without actually investing time to plan the right ad and make it visible to your customers.
  • Interpreting Past Customer Behaviors:
Machine learning allows you to analyze and interpret data related to consumer behaviors. Therefore, based on the new and different data, you will be able to make better expectations of the possible customer behaviors.

3. Image Recognition

Image Recognition or Computer Vision is the ability to produce numeric and symbolic information from images and other high-dimensional data. It involves machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition, and database knowledge discovery. Image recognition is used in different industries including healthcare, vehicles, etc.The most prominent examples of using machine learning are what we see from Facebook when it recognizes faces in the pictures indicates to their owners.

4. Improving Cyber Security and Detecting Frauds

Cybersecurity is one of the big problems that are being solved by machine learning by building newer technologies, which quickly and effectively detect unknown threats.Many eCommerce platforms and payment gateways like Amazon and PayPal have their own ML tools that prevent frauds ranging from abuse of promo codes to other payment-related frauds.

5. Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Major organizations use predictive algorithms to improve customer loyalty and guarantee a superior customer experience. It can be achieved by utilizing the previous call records to analyze customer’s behavior.So, based on that the client requirements will be perfectly assigned to the most suitable customer service executive. This reduces the cost and time invested in managing customer relationships.

Why Should You Join Machine Learning with Python Training Course in Egypt?

No doubt, the rise of machine learning also brings the demand for data scientists and data analysts; therefore, most of the businesses and agencies hire data professionals for integrating machine learning into their businesses.The Institute of Management Professionals IMP offers you one of the best online machine learning courses using Python in Egypt. In this training course, you will learn how to collect, process, analyze, and visualize any size of data to get the conclusions supporting you to take the accurate and data-driven decisions for your business.You’ll learn also how to build predictive data models to help you find the predictions to plan for the future.Don’t waste your time and book your seat in the next round NOW…