3 Popular Digital Skills in Demand for 2021 in Saudi Arabia

Are you looking to shift your career and hunt one of the best lucrative jobs in Saudi Arabia? You can definitely reach your dream job by constantly update yourself and be aware of the digital skills that employers are currently looking for.

In this article, we will focus on the top digital skills that are in demand in 2021 and beyond in Saudi Arabia – plus our well-crafted courses to master them!

How Important Is It to Learn Digital Skills in KSA?

Businesses in Saudi Arabia have come to realize that embracing technological advances has a great impact on expanding and growing their businesses and improving their competitiveness. As a result, they’re searching for employing candidates who are equipped with the right digital skills.

There are hundreds if not thousands of Saudi candidates competing for the few profitable jobs.

So, how can you stay ahead of the competition and hunt one of the best lucrative jobs in Egypt in 2021?

Well, the trick is to start learning about these skills and make sure that you have the ability to be updated with the new trends that will help you get an edge over your competitors.

3 Digital Skills in Demand for 2021 and Best Training Courses to Master Them

Here we shed light on the top 3 digital skills in KSA that are poised to make their powerful presence felt in 2021 and beyond.

1. Machine Learning / Python

As the language of any digital service is coding, the fundamental skill you may need to learn is ‘Programming’. It is a crucial skill for any tech guru’s skillset.

Machine Learning (ML) and Python are the hottest skills in today’s digital era; they’ve named the most in-demand skills for 2021 across Saudi Arabia and the whole Middle East region.

Machine learning is a broad term that is typically associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), giving computers the ability to accomplish specific tasks without being explicitly programmed.

There are a set of skills that are required for learning machine learning. The first and most important skill is a programming language. There are many of them such as Python, R, C++, and Java. Also, there are skills that include data modeling, probability and statistics, and distributed computing.

Python is the best programming language for machine learning. It offers a concise and readable code that allows developers to write reliable systems without complicated processes or steps.

In response to the growing need of learning Python in KSA, the Institute of Management Professionals (IMP) offers a professional Machine Learning using Python training course that enables trainees to be equipped with all Python basics and techniques to have the ability to collect, process, analyze and visualize any size of data.

2. Data Analysis

In 2012, IBM reported that 90% of the data in the world at that time has been created in just two years before this study revealed. Imagine how much data is being generated right now.

Huge amounts of data are gathered and stored and this accelerated growth isn’t slowing down. Floods of data extend to be collected and analyzed, requiring increasing numbers of data professionals to collect, analyze, and make sense of data.

Demand for data analysts, scientists, and professionals will continue to rise in 2021 and beyond, with businesses looking for candidates who have solid strategic mindsets to see beyond the data and make the right decision.

In this context, The Institute of Management Professionals (IMP) in KSA designed a well-crafted Data Analysis Using Excel and Power BI Training Course that gives trainees the ability to collect and analyze their business data using BI techniques to reach a meaningful conclusion.

3. Digital Marketing

With the rapid growth of internet users around the world, the number of web-based industries is growing at a high speed. The dramatic shifts in the digital marketing landscape call for the need for digital marketing professionals.

Many people in the digital marketing industry claim there’s a skill gap so the trend of hiring digital marketing experts is rising in Saudi Arabia and all over the world as well.

And with this trend continuing upwards, the demand for learning digital skills and joining digital marketing training courses in KSA also see a boom to meet the requirements for these high demand jobs.

The Institute of Management Professionals (IMP) in Saudi Arabia will help you to gain the required skills to be able to manage the marketing efforts of any business, increase its revenues using unlimited digital marketing techniques.

Final Note

Businesses in Egypt, and indeed in the whole world, are coming to realize that digital skills are critical for employees in the digital era. It is more vital than ever that new employees are professional.  Whatever the skill you decided to learn, make sure that you’ll gain a lot by making this decision.

Businesses in KSA, and indeed across the globe, are coming to realize that digital skills are vital for employees in today’s internet-connected era. It is more important than ever that new employees are professional.

No time is better than now to begin your journey into one of the outstanding above-mentioned fields and to hunt one of the most lucrative jobs in KSA. Whatever the skill you decided to learn, make sure that you’ll gain a lot by making this decision.

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