The unprecedented technological evolution lived throughout the world in the past two decades has undoubtedly made the world a small room within which people can communicate easily with one another. In the core of this evolution; the Internet became the center of human life. So; marketing had to evolve to keep pace with the new mechanisms of the digital scene.The World Wide Web (WWW) made available countless options for all transactions, both buying and selling. Hence, electronic (or digital) marketing became one of the most important mean for marketing offerings (products and service).Digital Marketing; in its broadest sense; can be defined as all types of marketing that are undertaken through any of the devices connected to the Internet or wireless communication networks. Companies use marketing different channels and multiple tools to communicate with existing and prospective customers, including the website optimization for search engines (SEO), web advertising, social networking sites and platforms, e-mail, instant messaging applications and mobile applications in general.Hence, e-marketing can be considered – without exaggeration – to be the future of marketing, as the number of Internet users around the world reached about 4.5 billion, and about 4.2 billion use the Internet via mobile. That is, more than half of the world’s population uses the Internet continuously.However, if e-marketing is gaining its importance from the importance of the Internet itself as a communication channel linking millions of people across different distances and times; companies and marketing professionals yet must recognize and achieve three main advantages of digital marketing:
  • Real-Time Communication: E-marketing now provides marketers with a set of effective tools that help in talking to the customer and communicating with him directly, and through multiple tools and channels, so that you can know the extent of customer satisfaction with the product or service And knowing the problems that face them and what they want to change in the product or service offered to them, and all this leads to the continuous development in the project and allows obtaining the information and data necessary to make immediate decisions that raise your offerings and help build confidence in the brand and improve the mental image of it with pictures Ongoing.
  • Customers Insights Utilization: digital marketing tools allowed marketers to enhance knowledge of current and targeted customers. In fact, customers now record all their data and information on the Internet, so business owners and marketers have information for each customer and his interests. So, by using advanced tools for data analysis and intelligence, it is possible to target the appropriate potential customers with offers exactly appropriate to their characteristics and their needs.
  • Real-time Optimization: digital marketing tool always allow marketers to have unlimited capabilities for measuring and evaluating marketing efforts in real-time data real-time indicators that help them to evaluate marketing campaigns, which can be exploited through the use of advanced tools for data analysis and help them to take the responsive decisions and actions needed to optimize their marketing efforts.
Thus, it is clear that the full achievement of the benefits of digital marketing depends not only on a comprehensive and integrated learning of digital marketing tools, but also requires mastery of data analysis tools and data science applications and modern techniques such as the Python language.