Whether you are starting a new retail business, or you already have a retail business operating offline great; you would be always seeking new ways to expand your sales with new tools that are more cost-effective; more specific in its targeting, and enable you to cross your borders. Digital tools will be the answer, specifically e-commerce, as it is the most effective when it comes to selling across all markets, products, and categories.If you are a retailer or a small/medium business owner in the time of CORONA virus, it’s the time to know much better about new effective tools to increase your sales and win the crisis; and to get a better understanding to what it takes to sustain your business into e-commerce business you can begin with our ultimate e-commerce online course.

CORONA Virus Impact on Consumer Purchasing:

Buying through e-commerce websites in the time of the CORONA virus became the nature of demand; since 52% of consumers globally now are trying to implement social distancing that’s why they are going to shop online. As a retailer, you should track your customers’ behavior, through categories you offer and the industry you share with your competitors. Health products aren’t the only products that increased in numbers of online purchasing, as SEMruch Sensor Data has shown that (books & literature, hobbies & leisure, people & society) all have come on top of the list of the increased high spike in search traffic exceeding 100% in comparison with the search volumes before CORONA.SemRuch sensor data search volumesThorough the recent report of SEMrush, all the previously mentioned categories have increased in research from millions to billions in just the first quarter of 2020.So, if you’re a business operator retailer in any field you’ve got a great opportunity to go through e-commerce and try more than one strategy and tool to reach your demanded customers, and to seek more knowledge about the best practices to go through e-commerce you can subscribe our online e-commerce course and begin your operations online with a cost reduction criteria to meet the CORONA era we’re facing globally now.According to BlueCore’s report “Covid-19 Retail Trends report”, USA and Canada chains have seen increased online sales in April 2020 compared to April 2019 by 80%, and higher than digital native retailers by 53% and local stores by 44%, In addition, the number of users who were buying for the first time through e-commerce websites compared to last year has increased by 119%.To select the best strategy to sell your products online via the main e-commerce platforms, the Institute of Management Professionals offers you the best solution E-commerce online complete diploma to have the best understanding of e-commerce concepts and practices.

The 2020 Trends Suits a Middle East Local Project to Go Global:

staying up with trends is very important to your e-commerce business especially as it should go viral as it impacts the conversions and customers’ experience.1- Make use of new Marketplaces: Google now is becoming one of the best online marketplaces for your products, especially if you aren’t a well-known brand, your customer won’t arrive at you organically or by paid searches, it will be more effective to go through Optimizing Google Shopping; integrating your e-commerce website with Google shopping will create (a product listing ad.) which will make your products appear to users when customers search for a matching product similar to what is in your store.2- Social Media Marketing Impact on Customers’ Buying: 55% of online shoppers have bought directly through a post via a brand social media channels; According to a report by Avionos, which shows the impact of social media platforms on e-commerce business including various platforms like Facebook, Instagram…etc., as turning into mini search engines and now built-in embedded links make it easier for customers to purchase just by one click from the platform directly to the website.3- AR and VR Technology Impact on E-Commerce: Amazon and Ikea are from the best who use similar technology to let shoppers test out how pieces look in their homes as an instance. Also, in fashion e-commerce L’OREAL Paris provides a mobile application and website tools to help their users pick the right products; another e-commerce brand, Regina, a pasta FMCG brand, provides a mobile application to get their customers daily recipes using their products before purchasing.e-commerce fashion4- Customization in E-Commerce Business is the King of Sales: Personalization and customization are the best practices to provide online tools essential for the user experience on the website rather than offline store and from the best in this trend since years is NIKE.Customization in E-Commerce Business is the King of Sales5- Flexible Payments Shorten Decision Making Process in E-Commerce: Retailers who offer mutable payment options have seen an increase in their conversions between 20% to 30%, and this can be including credit cards, cash on delivery, Afterpay… etc.6- Go Green in E-Commerce Packaging Process: It is a growing trend between niche market products specially to go for packaging which is eco-friendly and reduces the waste of resources in Egypt.To have specific knowledge and become an expert in e-commerce optimizations whether you’re a business operator or working in the field of retailers; join now the E-commerce online program and go with the most trendy smart solution for 2020 with a complete practice on daily bases through the course.For E-commerce Diploma online course subscriptions follow the link: Subscribe to the upcoming E-commerce Diploma online course.