The COVID-19 crisis is having deep-rooted effects across all life and business activities; and the marketing practices are not an exception! In fact, the effects of the COVID-19 had been reflected through the digital marketing campaigns and can be easily noticed within the very basic model of marketing, which is the marketing mix (4Ps).

 1. COVID-19 Effects on Marketing Mix |Product:

New offerings are advertised every minute; we’ve been noticing products/services that had never appeared before the COVID-19 crisis. Just a few examples of those include sanitizing products, devices, and services. The impacts of COVD-19 in terms of products and offerings are not limited to the healthcare/medical products, but in fact, every other sector had been offering new products/services to help the consumers facing the crisis. For example, the IT & web security companies had to offer modernized solutions to help to secure the increased dependence on e-services (e-learning, e-commerce, e-banking … etc.).

2. COVID-19 Effects on Marketing Mix |Price:

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, people become fearful to spend any money, especially on non-essential products and services as they’re not confident their income stream will continue. So, businesses are striving to address that by offering deep discounts and values, attractive promotional offers, free delivery, or extended credit terms some time with no interest.

3. COVID-19 Effects on Marketing Mix |Place:

This could be arguably the most important change in the marketing mix strategies adopted by companies. Where for example most training providers were shifting all their offering to the e-learning mode; i.e. providing courses via live/online classes. Similar to this change, the medical services providers had been capitalizing on providing e-health and telemedicine services.

4. COVID-19 Effects on Marketing Mix |Promotion:

Using COVID-19 related designs is the main theme for all the graphic designs used to promote all products and services; regardless if they relate to healthcare/medical categories or no.Using face masks and gloves became an essential theme included in every single design having human characters. Also, using the Corona Virus shape in designs especially when related to healthcare / medical products.So, it is very clear that digital marketing is one of the practice areas that had seen very obvious reflections of COVID-19. Every digital marketing campaign should be tailored for the COVID-19 period in terms of at least one item of the marketing mix (4Ps).

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