The job market had been into massive changes and future of work is going to be of similar dynamism, if not with more massiveness. Mega trends are always there and in an ever evolving phenomena: globalization, digitization, automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and much more.With these advancements continue, some skills are becoming obsolete while demand for others is rising, recent research shows that job skills become outdated in just 1-5 years. So to keep yourself safe and to guarantee having the favorable job development you have to successfully revive in spite of these changes a; you need to acquire and to keep upgrading the right skills needed for the ever renewed jobs and ways of working.So, as a general rule, to keep learning is a perquisite to have the favorable job development. However, this general rule becomes especially important for jobs and careers that are vital for today’s economic and competitive markets, and also the jobs where technological updates are continuously taking place.Among the several jobs that entails a powerful and continuous learning three key fields are considered the top entailing continuous learning:
  • Data Analytics & Data Science: data analytics, data science and data management job landscape is considered the most promising one with opportunities span across virtually all industries. However; it’s also one of the most challenging careers considering the ongoing and exponential growth of the 3 Vs of data: volume velocity and variety. This also is combined with a growing business needs to utilize the big data and data science to gain competitive advantage; and hence, businesses  are investing heavily in big data technology, with researches showing that 83% of enterprise executives embraced Big Data projects. This pinpoints the criticality of having and upgrading the adequate knowledge and skills to be a data analyst or even a data scientist, and this also will help you to have a favorable career paths in data analysis and data science roles.
  • Digital Marketing: in fact; there is no definite set of qualifications required for digital marketing jobs, but the start is always by completing a reputable, well-rounded digital marketing diploma that helps you to equip yourself with the essential knowledge and skills needed to start and keep growing with your digital marketing career.
  • Design & Creative jobs: design and creative jobs are also ones that critically need a continuous learning efforts. Graphic designers and creative staff needs to be always gaining a significant amounts of knowledge; starting with a full understanding of the graphic design theories and tools; but also to keep up with the ever updated trends, theories and tools.