The better communication starts by using more than one sense; the more senses used, the more effective communication gets achieved. Visual content gives marketers more opportunities to effectively communicate using this very basic rule, and this what had led to the concept of the multi-sensory design.Graphic design is not just a combination of pictures and draws but it is an art of communication and one of the most effective ways to solve the marketing problems through metaphor.According to Paulo Roberto, in his study published at the International Journal of Design, almost all businesses around the world consider graphic design as one of the key components for having a high influence on the customers and through professional graphic designs brand awareness can be raised, which definitely reflects on the customer’s decision and his/her loyalty towards the brand.There are many types of graphic design used in the marketing world and each type has its features and purposes and in there are some discussions for important common types of graphic design.Firstly, visual identity graphic design: as we all know that the brand identity refers to the relationships between business and its audience, which are built depending on touching intangible qualities such as personalities, essences, etc. the graphic designs from this type are organizational assets and any imitation or copying of these designs is illegal and business can take compositions for this crime. Furthermore, the visual identity graphics committee by some colors and figures that can be easily known to belong for some brand, such as the red and yellow, which refers to MacDonald’s.Another type of graphic design is marketing and advertising: this type of graphic design focuses on engaging the targeted audience to convert them into paying customers, through communicating and promoting for the introduced products and services to achieve the satisfaction for needs and wants. These are some examples of marketing graphic design:    Flyers.    Advertisements in newspapers and magazines.    Templates of Email marketing.    Social media ads, banners, and graphics.The third type of graphic design is user interface: the developers of applications and websites give big importance for the friendly using feature and graphic design represents a big part of this feature. The most important element that differentiates the professional design from others is the balancing between aesthetic appeal with technical functionality. The importance of this graphic design type is the first impression of the user towards the application or the website, which motivates him/her for spending more time in the experience. These designs consist of theme design, game interface, application design, as well as, web page design.The remaining type to be discussed in this article is the infographics, which have a very important role in attracting the online users to have enough knowledge about the brand because the organizations can present information and knowledge about themselves through engaging the eyesight of the people.