Adobe Photoshop is a very powerful tool used by designers, web developers, graphic artists, photographers, creative professionals and a very wide spectrum of business applications.

The business applications using Adobe Photoshop are not limited to the digital marketing ones as it’s generally perceived, but in fact, they are endless! Here are a few examples:

  • Marketing Materials: even prior to the digital marketing era,  companies had been always having their wide range of marketing materials including brochures, flyers, business cards, menus, sales sheets, etc.
  • Web Design: Photoshop can also be used to create entire web pages including graphics, banners, navigation buttons.
  • Social Media Content: the social media content had been growing at an unprecedented rate and with Photoshop always topping the to0ls used to craft social media designs including a profile picture, cover images and social media posts.
However; with this significant reliance on Photoshop; it had been always accused to hurt the trust in online media among audiences. With lots of fake content out there and as commented by Adobe in their official blog. The company also declared that they are responsible for utilizing new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to increase trust and authority in digital media.Adobe had been teaming up with researchers from Berkeley University of California, the U.S and finally came out with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm to detect facial manipulation in images edited with Adobe Photoshop. The research project team had been using sophisticated machine learning algorithms to train the “Convolutional Neural Network” (CNN), and resulted in a tool that enables to recognition of altered images of faces in 99% of cases.