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IMP’s Career Services and Professional Support – CSPS

At IMP, We believe strongly in our values as the #1 Training & Development Learning Provider Specialized on Machine Learning, Data Analysis, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing in Egypt & Middle East.

IMP’s Career Services and Professional Support advises current and existing trainees and assists every graduate to enter the professional world with confidence, for which he or she has been trained at IMP.

  • IMP Recruitment Service

IMP’s CSPS supporting and providing a career services for IMP’s students and graduates with employment opportunities. Additionally, IMP’s CSPS develop a database of potential employers and available work opportunities, and will matching mechanism between students and graduates seeking employment and external employers in addition to enhancing their perception about the professional life through various recruitment & development activities.

  • Job Posting

Publishing available job vacancies on behalf of the employer, Exclusively for IMP’s students and graduates. Career Portal On IMP Website Providing a Career Hub as The #1 Specialized Recruitment Portable for Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analyst, Digital Marketers in Middle East to all Job Seeker and Employer