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  • This is the first specialized training program in e-commerce that will enable the trainees to manage their accounts and online stores at the main e-commerce platforms.
  • Trainees will study e-commerce practically as they will get access to an online store that is created by our e-commerce development partner, they also will manage it during the course and apply digital marketing techniques, payments and logistics.
  • Trainees will be able to get an online store against suitable monthly fees (for hosting & support).


This course will help you to start your e-commerce business by:

  • Understanding the main concept of e-commerce.
  • Learning how to sell your products online via the main e-commerce platforms.
  • Practicing online store management.


To have successfully completed; a trainee should:

  • have an attendance rate of not less than 80% (or such higher attendance requirement as prescribed for the course);
  • Pass the course practical assignments and projects in at least 75% of the total number of assignments as required in each training course.

Our Clients:

دورات تدريبية كورسات اونلاين


What is e-commerce?

Why is it important?

E-Commerce trends.

E-Commerce vs. e-Market.


E-Commerce types.

The Idea: How to Find the Online Opportunity?

Global e-commerce statistics.

Local e-commerce statistics.

Online consumer analysis: what, how and why do customers buy online?

Online competition analysis.

Draft plan for your online store.


Business understanding.

Product portfolio and strategy.



Tactics to Influence Your Online Sales

Recap: How do Customers Buy Online?.

The context.

Psychological pricing.

Options effect.

Decoy effect.

Scarcity effect.

Anchoring effect.

Free effect.

Bundling effect.

Up selling.

Cross selling.

Launch Your Store @ E-Commerce Platforms

Launch your store @

Digital Marketing for E-Commerce

Setting objectives.

Facebook Ads for e-commerce.

Twitter Ads for e-commerce.

Instagram Ads for e-commerce.

Snapchat Ads for e-commerce.

Payment and Logistics Solutions

Setting the payment process.

Choosing the best payment solution that fits with your online store.

How to select the right shipping partner.

Operation & Logistics Best Practices

Level: Beginner & Advanced
40 Hours
Language: Arabic
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