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e-commerce trends in Corona virus situation

E-Commerce As the Best Practice In 2020 Trends

June 8, 2020

Whether you are starting a new retail business, or you already have a retail business operating offline great; you would be always seeking new ways to expand your sales with new tools that are more cost-effective; more specific in its …

The Project Manager Skills in the Age of Digitization

March 2, 2020

Only 19% of organizations deliver successful projects; according to a recent survey published by KPMG. This affirms how critical is the project management profession and the project managers’ roles. This importance and criticality are getting noticed over years for realizing …

Data Analysis: The Way to Utilize Digital Marketing

March 2, 2020

The unprecedented technological evolution lived throughout the world in the past two decades has undoubtedly made the world a small room within which people can communicate easily with one another. In the core of this evolution; the Internet became the …