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Project Management Professional (PMP)®Course, and Certification

2.1.   Project Management Process groups & Knowledge Areas

3.1.   Collecting requirements.

3.2.    Scope definition, Scope Statement, Work Breakdown Structure.

3.3.   Scope control

4.1.   Activity Definition, Sequencing and Duration Estimation.

4.2.   Schedule Development and Control

5.1.   Estimating, Forecasting and Budgeting.

5.2.   Cost Control & Earned Value Management.

6.1.   Quality Planning.

6.2.   Quality management.

6.3.   Quality Control.

7.1.   Resources Planning.

7.2.   Resource Acquisition & Team Development.

8.1.   Risk Identification, analysis and response planning.

8.2.   Risk response implementation

8.3.   Risk monitoring

9.1.   Types of contracts, procurement planning.

10.1.Skills, Techniques and Styles.

10.2.Information Management.

11.1.Initiation, project charter.

11.2. Project Plan Development and Execution.

11.3. Overall Change Control, closing

Course Description:

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® is a globally acknowledged professional certification that validates a professional’s education and experience in project management. This coveted credential is offered by the reputed Project Management Institute to professionals who qualify in the PMP Exam conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®.


If you are considering working toward your PMP exam, IMP offers a variety of project management courses that will help you pass, including the PMP Certification Training Course. Our PMP training courses are conducted by certified, highly experienced professionals with at least ten years of experience.

Course Objectives:

- Learn the most effective tools of the 5 process groups, 10 areas of knowledge and 49 project management processes.

- Preparation for the PMP exam, PMBOK 6th edition.

- Experience a unique entertaining simulation of projects management.


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