The 3 Myths of Digital Marketing!

Digital marketing is a very hot topic having an ever growing interest across the globe. However, with this growing interest and importance, the digital marketing practices are still captivated within three main myths:

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Myth NO #1: Digital Marketing is the Marketing!

This is the most common story out there. People are – most of times – assuming that using digital marketing tools and channels is something different than marketing or replacing it. In fact, digital marketers are just marketers using digital channels. They have to apply the original marketing theories, develop a well-designed marketing strategy (STP + 4Ps: Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, Product, Price, Place and promotion). And then comes the role of digital marketing as a part of the promotion mix.

Myth NO #2: Digital Marketing is about Digital Advertising!

Sometimes, marketers think that it’s all about creating Ads via digital channels. However, it should be understood that digital marketing includes advertising, but it also goes beyond just this one practice to so much more tools and practices.

Myth NO #3: Digital Marketing is just an Easy Way of Marketing!

A typical advice from marketing consultants would be to utilize digital marketing. And although they usually are right; they usually don’t have the full understanding of what do they mean by saying “utilize digital marketing”. In fact, the utilization of digital marketing is not that easy; it even becomes harder and harder every day and with the ever evolving technologies out there with regards to marketing automation, marketing analytics and KPIs.

Want to know more on how to utilize the digital marketing tools techniques?

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